About the Photographer

photo: James Rea


My style is really much defined by dynamics, contrasts and close-ups. Movement, whether in the lines, perspectives or colors, holds a prevalent place in my photographs. It’s mostly about creating an interacting invitation to look at the world from various and different angles. I let stories rise up and being told from those kinds of processes, stories that I master to capture on the fly, from a vision, from a feeling.


LIGHT – that’s what drives me the most when it comes to plan a shoot. It creates the entire dramaturgy in the photo. Light beams my main focus since I understood how it works and how it so much impacts on how we see and perceive things around us. While light holds the very first place in my photographic process, other elements are not left aside, such as surroundings, background and composition. They all follow a specific order during the photo shoot.
From there on, I look for truth and honesty in the picture, even though I consider them reflecting a personal vision of a scene. My goal is to produce an unexplainable and irrational emotion which should just get the viewer.


I’ve been a performance artist for almost 30 years when photography took over my interest in 2013. Since then, I am shooting any kind of theme and subject I feel driven by, architecture, macro, models, sport, artists, portraits, objects, etc. Since mid-2015, it became obvious that photography will be my new professional activity. I took numerous online classes, took part to several photo gatherings where models and photographers meet up to develop their skills and portfolio. I shot home, outdoor, in studio with light equipment, to improve my work, know my interest and most of all develop a personal identity.

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I'm not around right now, but you can leave me a short message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks. Phil

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